Rig-Shot May Special!

I will be running a special deal on rig/rolling shots for the month of May.

$30 for the first shot and $10 per shot thereafter. Applies to all Rig-Shot bookings made before May 31. Examples of what these shots look like can be seen below.

Don’t forget, I also still have my $100 automotive shoot package deal going:

$100 Automotive Shoot – 2 hours of shooting, 8 stills(night or day), 2 Rig/rolling shots, one 13×19 borderless print of your choice, and a CD burned with watermark free high resolution photo files.

Contact me here or via email to shop@jacobbrcicphotography.com

1,000 Likes = Print Giveaway!

Since I have reached 1,000 Likes on my Facebook Page I’d like to show my appreciation to all my followers and hold a print giveaway! Please go to Jacob Brcic Photography on Facebook and follow the rules to enter for your chance to win this photo (without any writing or watermarks) in 11″x 17″ high quality print. Thank you all and best of luck!

© 2013 Jacob Brcic Photography // JacobBrcicPhotography@gmail.com

© 2013 Jacob Brcic Photography // JacobBrcicPhotography@gmail.com

Whips&Chocolate Feature: Mike Adkins’ Jetta


This feature has been almost a year in the making. I had found the perfect spot to shoot Mike’s Mk4 2001 Wolfsburg Jetta at a barn near Columbia, MO. We set up a date and made it happen, but after an hour into the shoot we got kicked off the property and were told to never come back. Luckily that hour didn’t go to waste and I got quite a few solid shots. At the time though I was disappointed, because I felt like I needed more.


So we set up another shoot a couple months later at an airplane hanger in St. Louis. When I got there and realized I was about to shoot an all white car in an all white building next to all white planes I sorta panicked and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have any flashes at the time so lighting and highlighting the car against the white background was a huge challenge. I did the best I could and got a few decent shots. The location was prime none the less. It’s not very often that photographers get to have their way in an airplane hanger so I was grateful for my friend hooking me up with the spot. There was a problem though. We still haven’t done a solid full shoot of Mike’s car.


Quite a few months went by and there were talks of trying again, but nothing happened. Then it came to my attention that Mike decided it was time to move on and he was going to be selling the Jetta. I was heartbroken. This had been my favorite car ever since I had moved to St. Louis and bought my first Volkswagen and joined the local VW club, STLVW. I had to give Mike and his artwork the recognition it has always deserved. So I combined all my favorite shots from both shoots, edited them to the best of my ability, and made it happen. It will be a sad day when the car is finally sold and gone, but at least we will all have some pretty epic pictures to remember it by.


You can find the full article on Mike’s Jetta from Whips&Chocolate here. Or you can view the rest of my high res images from the shoot here. If you would like to purchase any prints from the shoot contact me at shop@jacobbrcicphotography.com or you can order them from my online shop here. Be sure to follow the instructions in the product description during checkout.

Guitar Jam: Sia – Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix) ft. Dylan Sconyers

The first ever recording Dylan and I did. This was completely improvised and recorded on my Nikon camera’s built in mic. I still think this is by far one of our best recordings to date. The magic was really happening during this one and we’ve been chasing after it ever since.

Turn it up and be sure to watch it in full 1080p HD.

Download on SoundCloud:


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